F2P Money making 30-60k/H

After you have finished tutorial island you will be brought by a magical magician to a place called  Lumbridge. Here you start as it were with nothing. You have to train your skills and earn money to climb up.

On the picture left you can see the place called Lumbridge, equip your sword and walk your way to the chickens North-East down the river chickens are level 1 kill a couple of those chickens on the farm they drop raw chicken and bones ( bones are used to train your prayer with )each time you kill a chicken. Cook a few of those chickens so you can heal up later when we have to fight some stronger animal.. the cow 

Cows drop cow hide and bones, fighting the cows will increase your combat levels and money!


The famous cow

This field is a very popular training spot for low levels of both free players and members because of the 100% cowhide drop, as well as raw beef and bones to train Cooking and Prayer with respectively. It is also an extremely good place to train Prayer and Cooking as bones and beef are often left in the rush to collect cow hides. This is also the closest cow field to a bank as well as a Tanner in the Al-Kharid which also makes it crowded.